The Cabinet Section of Home Department reports directly to the Cabinet Secretary regarding Cabinet matters and to Home Secretary on administrative and other issues.  The Cabinet Section is manned by one Additional Secretary and supported by one UDC and two Office Attendants.

The function of Deputy Secretary is to assist Cabinet Secretary in the following matters:

  • To examine the proposals/memos to be placed before the Council of ministers for consideration and to draw agendas for the Cabinet meeting.
  • Intimate and Send copies of Memos and agenda to the Council of Minister and the Hon'ble Governor regarding the Cabinet Meeting.
  • Organise the Cabinet Meeting.
  • Assist in drawing Cabinet Proceeding.
  • Obtain approval of the draft proceeding from the Council of Ministers.
  • Take out extract of the Cabinet proceeding and make notes on file and send it to respective departments.
  • Coordinate with Home Secretary/Secretary (Protocol) regarding administrative and other matters.
  • Coordinate with Head of all Departments /Officials regarding the Cabinet proposals/decisions.