1.      Shri Prem Singh Tamang (Golay), the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Sikkim is the Minister-in-Charge of Home Department. The Home Department is presently headed by Shri A. Sudhakar Rao, IPS, Additional Chief Secretary.

2.      The Administrative Section is headed by Additional Secretary, one Deputy Secretary, two Under Secretaries and 3 Office Superintendents and other administrative staff. This Section is in charge of all matters pertaining to general administration of the personnel posted in the Department and includes the Staff of the Offices of the Chief Minister, Council of Ministers, Sikkim House at New Delhi & Guwahati, Sikkim State Jail and Rajya Sainik Board. It also deals with all the correspondence related to Central & State Government. Circulars and Notifications pertaining to decisions of the State Government are also issued. The Section also looks after the works pertaining to the allotment of office rooms to the Council of Ministers, Advisors to the Government etc. and their official accommodations. The State Secretariat is directly under the control of Home Department and security alongwith all physical works pertaining to the Secretariat like new constructions, maintenance, repair, cleanliness and other such miscellaneous works are looked after by the Administrative Section of the department.

The various functions under the Administrative Section: 

 General Administration

1.      Allotment of Telephones.

2.      Provision of uniform to Government employees & others, Security Guards of Private firms/NGOs etc.

3.      Allotment of rooms to Council of Ministers, providing Staff to the Council of Ministers, provision for stationaries, furnitures etc.

4.      Matters relating to Rajya Sainik Board.

5.      Matters relating to Sikkim Houses.

6.      Matters relating to Sikkim Jails

7.      Establishment, maintenance and Security of Secretariat Complex.

8.      Matters relating to Attendance and Punctuality.

9.      Compilation of Monthly Report/Progress Reports of all departments

10.    Compilation of Monthly Minutes of Meetings of all departments

11.     Coordination meetings of the Hon’ble Chief Minister and the Chief Secretary, Government of Sikkim